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vector design by Project Z•REX
Raster design by Project Z•REX
Logo design by Project Z•REX
  • vector (scaleable to any size you want with no distortion)
  • raster (scaleable to a smaller size like a photograph)
  • custom design to your specifications
  • affordable (logos start at $250 for vector and $400 for raster.
  • you get the native file, png, pdf, watermark and much more
  • fast and reliable service
  • specializing in flat design for a professional logo
Nothing gets us more excited than crafting a logo that screams check me out.  We are passionate about branding, designing, and developing your new look. We know that this is a big step in the process of what's important to you. We also know that one style or type doesn't fit all.  Send us a message or email to connect with us.  We'd be happy to help you through the process of creating your perfect logo. #ProjectZREX

Logo Pricing
  • Flat vector design logos begin at $250

  • Complete Illustrations begin at $400

  • Every piece is custom and just for you. Pricing can be a barrier to getting a professional logo for some.  We understand your concern and would be happy to discuss options.  After all, shouldn't your logo be working as hard as you do? A Project Z•REX crafted logo will certainly work hard and pay for itself, we're certain.

  • Looking for an elaborate design or perhaps a mix of 2d illustration and flat design?  Just send us an email to design@projectzrex.com
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